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Detroit Red Wings Jerseys, 47 Brand Hats, Detroit Tigers & Much More...

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Welcome to Detroit Game Gear your official online portal to the world of sportswear & collectibles.

Detroit Game Gear is located inside our retail store Gamers at 35730 Green St, New Baltimore, Michigan 48047. provides you with the best quality sports related products for the Detroit Red Wings Jerseys, Tigers, NHL, MLB & NFL NBA, NCAA & Nascar. Are you into looking for a perfect option for a provider of sportswear products like for Red Wings, Tigers & Michigan State Spartans ? If so, then Detroit Game Gear could be the perfect choice ever. Detroit Game Gear provides high quality sports products that are related to sports. Collectibles and sportswear are being provided to customers looking for well-made sports products with Affordable Prices and Low Priced Quick Shipping.

Being located in Michigan, Detroit Game Gear is into carrying a large assortment of home teams including the following categories:

Detroit Tigers Gear

Detroit Tigers are known as famous baseball team based in Detroit, Michigan. All the sportswear and collectibles of Detroit Tigers is available here for you. Our products of this team include: freshener set, bumper sticker, can holder and any kind of apparel.<,/p>

Detroit Red Wings Gear

Detroit Red Wings Gear is a very popular ice hockey team of Detroit, Michigan. They are also known as the most prominent hockey franchise of North America. We have a great collection of sportswear of this ice hockey team as well. You can have jerseys, apparels, hats and merchandise of this hockey team from us.

Detroit Lion Gear

As you all know, Detroit Lions is a very sparkling professional football team based in Detroit. This is an American football team. We have a long list of sportswear regarding this team. Such as: jerseys, apparels, hats and merchandise. Stickers are also available along with Detroit can holders.

Detroit Pistons Gear

Detroit Piston gears are a famous franchise of National Basketball Association. They are based in Michigan in Metro Detroit. Detroit Game Gear also has customized collectibles and sportswear of this franchise such as, stickers, jerseys, can holders, bumper stickers, slipper straws, apparels and merchandise etc.

Michigan Wolverines Gear

Michigan Wolverines Gear comprises of twenty seven different sports teams. All the accessories, collectibles and sportswear are available here. We have gift tags, stickers, bumper stickers, ultra decals, pocket pro, apparels, hats, can holder and air freshener. You can have any of the mentioned products of your favorite sports team of Michigan Wolverines Gear.

Michigan State Spartans Gear

We also have the products relating this sports team. You can buy original as well as customized collectibles here for sure.

So this is what our company has for you people. If you are a sports lover and want to have any of our products then you can contact us at without any hesitation.

These are just some of the products that Detroit Game Gear could offer especially to those who love sports. Being a sports lover could be portrayed through wearing or simply collecting products that are related to the types of sports you admired the most. At Detroit Game Gear, sportswear and collectibles are simply offered through high quality and affordable prices.

Sportswear and collectibles are items that could be of great options especially if you are sports enthusiast. And it would be of great option once you are to choose Detroit Game Gear as provider of sportswear and collectibles among the entire area of Michigan. Experience great products offered by great provider ever. Wear the best sportswear in town and experience having the best collections of products related to your favourite sports as well. Check out what these items can do for you.