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What To look For In Authentic Officially Licensed NHL Jerseys

Andreas Athanasiou Men's Detroit Red Wings Reebok Premier Home Jersey

What To look For In Authentic Officially Licensed NHL Jerseys


How to Know if a NHL Jersey is Fake

There are also lots of fake NHL jerseys available on the market and they are really a cheap option. But if you are intending to get the real deal and get a fake jersey, there will be a lot of disappointment. Here are tips with which you can find if the NHL jersey is fake or genuine.

⦁ Overall poor quality and craftsmanship

⦁ Lack of official logos and tags as described above

⦁ Low resolution and stock images can also indicate that the jersey is a fake. It is advisable to request for detailed photos of the actual item you will be buying.

⦁ The authentic NHL jerseys have a embroidered applique front crest.

⦁ No authentic NHL jersey is screen printed.


Best Tips to Buy Perfect NHL Jerseys

Just like all fans of big sports, hockey enthusiasts love to flaunt their gameday gear and NHL jerseys are the top choice for most of them. Hockey jerseys have a resemblance with basketball jerseys, that they are a bit limited in their usage all through the year. Actually they were referred to as sweaters and still have a thicker material than most other sportswear, and have long sleeves. But that doesn’t create as much of a trouble as the hockey season appears in the colder months.

With multiple versions and several pricing levels, shopping for NHL jerseys can be daunting. Here are tips that will remove any misconceptions that you have so that you can make a confident and wise decision and celebrate and cheer up your favorite player or team with a perfect NHL jersey.



Chicago Blackhawks Adult Reebok Premier Home Jersey
Chicago Blackhawks Reebok Premier Home Jersey

Reebok Premier

Though a level down from the authentic ones, Premier NHL Jerseys by Reebok are designed to replicate the looks of the authentics, while compromising a bit on materials. They are made from a skinnier 175gm polyester material having some stretch and an athletic cut. They maintain the balance between being stylish and practical.

The front features a sewn team logo; however, the numbers and name on the backside are screen-printed. Similar to the authentic jerseys, the inner side features the RBK/NHL neck labels and lower left features the jock tag. Also there is the patch of the official NHL shield sewn on the collar bottom and back of the neck features embroidered Reebok name.

Premier jerseys of Reebok are available in small, medium-sized, large as well as extra-large sizes and the size is shown on the jock tag.




Detroit Red Wings Reebok Premier Home Jersey
Detroit Red Wings Reebok Premier Home Jersey



Which NHL Jersey to Buy – Home, Away or Third?

This depends on your personal choice, but there are a few things which you can consider.

⦁ Firstly the Away (white) jerseys catch dust and dirt easily. If you are going to wear the jersey not very often, it’s fine, because you can clean the stains easily. But for wearing it often, it may not the best bet.

⦁ On the other hand, the Third jerseys are prone to change more frequently than the Home jerseys. You may come across some very nice Third jerseys, but then teams may like to test things with them, use a special edition, etc.

⦁ If you want a peace of mind that your jersey will be clean and that your favorite team will wear it still for five years from now, your safest bet is the dark Home jersey.

⦁ But again, it’s not the finest one always and sometimes, the third jerseys are so popular that they will turn to be the home jerseys. Therefore, it’s best to go with the jersey you love the most.

Detroit Game Gear offers NHL jerseys which are officially licensed from Reebok. We buy jerseys directly from Reebok. Take a look at some of them in this article like the hottest nhl hockey player in the league with the Dylan Larkin Home Jersey and many more on our website. Best products for best prices and quick shipping are the most important features of Detroit Game Gear.

Reebok Practice

The Practice jerseys of Reebok may not appear as realistic as the Premier or Authentic jerseys, but they are the most pocket-friendly means of supporting your favorite team wearing an official jersey.

These low-priced jerseys imitate the on-ice jerseys put on by players while practicing. They are made from 100% Ultrafil mid-weight polyester and have screen-printed twill numbers as well as letters, which are heat-pressed. The front features heat sealed embroidered team crest.

Same as Premier and Authentic, Practice jerseys too feature the NHL shield stitched on the front collar bottom. The logo of Reebok is embroidered on the front left chest and backside of the neck. However, the Practice jerseys don’t include shoulder patches, unlike the Authentic and Premier jerseys.

The Practice jerseys come in standard sizes.

CCM Classic Replica

CCM is the official manufacturer of Heroes of Hockey, the vintage NHL jerseys that feature teams and players from the past. They match the Premier jerseys by Reebok in quality. Logos on the front are sewn on and back numbers and letters are screen-printed.


Reebok EDGE Authentic

If you are looking for topnotch materials and high quality craftsmanship, Reebok EDGE Authentic is your best bet to support your beloved players and teams.

Reebok EDGE authentic jersey is made of 250gm polyester spandex double-knit fabric. Because of the spandex, the jersey is perfectly stretchable and can be made for a tailored fit. Similar to the jerseys worn on ice, these jerseys contains an authentic fight strap stitched into them. With the strap, the jersey and the pants can be attached together, so that the wearer is saved from losing the jersey in the situation of a brawl. Finally, the authentic jerseys by Reebok are given the treatment with Bead Away, a water repellent.

A key component of authentic jerseys is the lettering and graphics. The jerseys feature twill numbers, team graphics and names sewn on them. Also on their front collar features the NHL shield sewn on its bottom, and the backside of the neck features the name Reebok embroidered.

The last thing to check is the RBK/NHL Center ice jock tag as well as neck label. The neck label must be woven on the inner side of the jersey while the jock tag should be on the left side.

The sizing of the authentic jerseys is a bit different than the regular small, medium-size and large. The following sizes are available in authentic jerseys, featured on the jock tag:

⦁ 60 – XXXXL

⦁ 56 – XXXL

⦁ 54 – XXL

⦁ 52 – XL

⦁ 50 – Large

⦁ 46 – Small/Medium

4 thoughts on “What To look For In Authentic Officially Licensed NHL Jerseys

  1. Mike Gorczynski says:

    If yo want to just answer question the bottom is where the main question is. But I was going to tell you the couple of premier jerseys I’ve come across, and I have always liked Detroit Red Wings.

    So I’m in Ontario, one of the stores is Sport Chek. Forzani Group Limited, or FGL company owns them. They have these Red Wings premier Jerseys with a hard crest logo, but I think the logo is stitched/embroidered in craft, but it is I think heat sealed to the Jersey as you look inside-out you don’t see stitching on the logo edge, meaning it is pressure or heat sealed onto the fabric I believe.

    So they have these older ones with the harder better crest logo, and it is the Reebok one with the Vector logo brand on the sleeve and back neck.
    my guess is 2011 or 12 maybe. They still got a bunch of unsold ones in quantity.

    And they have these slightly newer ones, still like manufactured feb 2015, premier, which is a softer bendable logo, so I thought it wasn’t as good as the hard crest, but the jersey fits looser and I thought it was nicer, but I was turned off with the soft bendable logo crest. Have Reebok word mark on back neck and sleeve.

    I’d be a large in the first older one for sure, maybe even xl for more room. But the second newer one, I’d be a large maybe even try a medium if it were for just fashion no equipment. They were 139 CAD originally, but now are marked down equally to 83.99 and was 70 cad on black friday which is when I got it.

    So I had this situation where I bought XL online for the older one, but for some reason they shipped me the newer one which was huge. So I exchanged for large in store, took it home, noticed some folds or spots on the logo, and then went to a different store where they were selling the older one, and it was better at least with the crest logo quality, and fit good with large.

    I was like paranoid with getting the perfect premier jersey and annoyed the heck out of my girlfriend with these exchanges and always talking about it. I ended up now putting my last name and 86 being sewn on from this great store called Sports Section in Oshawa, Ontario. Been to 3 Red Wings games at Joe Louis, and been to 3 Ottawa Senators games in my life. Never a Leafs home game, I can’t stand their ticket prices for team quality and I’m like 50 minutes away.

    Anyway my question is how is the Detroit Red Wings premier jersey right now I see on NHL Shop 179 CAD, seems way over priced online. Is it newer, what is manufacture date, and is the logo crest hard like they should be like you knock on it and hear a small thud you know what I mean? or are the new ones all softer logos on the premiers? because I had this notion where harder solid crest is better. What can you tell me? Are the newest ones also a little darker red because mine I tried were a little brighter red. Thank you. It seems like Red Wings on tv have darker red jerseys this year. Also since I bought the jersey they have not won a game in like December at all feels like.

  2. Mike Gorczynski says:

    Also interested in Detroit Red Wings Winter Classic Jersey from 2014. Anyone know of good places, I usually check ebay and I heard newer ones are made in Indonesia but they are still good, but not quite the same as the ones Made in Canada.

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